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Crystal Arnold
Pregnancy and Vitality I had sessions with Ann through both of my pregnancies. She helped me keep my blood pressure low, ease the discomfort and heat I felt (both my babies were born in the summertime.) She is not only knowledgeable about the herbs, treatments, and chi gong movements that help during pregnancy, she is also easy to talk. Her wise advice as a mother herself is valuable. After losing a lot of blood right after birthing, her treatments helped bring back my energy and vitality so I could better care for my newborn. I feel both relaxed and energized after our sessions. Their Chinese herbs formulas are the most effective thing for both me and my children when we’re sick.
Mike E
Arthritis Review of Ryan Baker LAc, RPh. I was recently diagnosed with arthritis in both thumbs. I had a difficult time tying my shoes and putting on my socks. Any activity using my thumbs and index finger was extremely painful. I tried over the counter drugs as well as prescription drugs and nothing worked. My wife had been seeing Ryan for some neck issues and suggested I try acupuncture. I was skeptical at first but decided to give it a try. All I can say is I wish I had gone to Ryan a lot sooner. My thumbs are now pain free and I'm able to do all of the things I could do before the arthritis. The entire acupuncture experience is very relaxing and soothing. I strongly recommend Ryan and Middleway Medicine to assist you in making your life more enjoyable.
Exceptional Care @ Middleway! I absolutely love coming to my appointments at Middleway! I have been a Middleway patient for most of this year, and I am extremely pleased with the results of my treatments. I sought acupuncture for a variety of joint aches and pains - which have all improved markedly with treatment - but I have also been thrilled with the incidental benefits of my acupuncture treatments (ie. help with restless sleep and relaxation). Ryan is an excellent practitioner - he listens very attentively, and brings a spirit of compassion, optimism, warmth, and good humor to his practice. And Jen is enormously fun to "visit with" each time I come to the office - she is always very cheerful and friendly. The atmosphere at Middleway is warm and welcoming, and I am delighted to have made this practice a part of my overall health & wellness routine (and I was referred to them by an equally delighted friend). They truly are a treasure!
Carol A
Healing After a few months of hearing a dear friend telling me about Middleway Medicine, I started there as a patient of Ryan’s in March. I had no idea how much healing my body would go through. I had been having sciatic problems along with years of adrenal fatigue. I find Ryan to be brilliant with his pharmacy and Chinese medicine backgrounds. The level of expertise has been beyond my greatest expectations. Let the healing begin! Carol
Rose L
Caring, Intuitive and Skilled Review of Ryder Johanson I wish I had known about Ryder years ago when I first started suffering from Lupus and Fibromyalgia! Ryder is an exceptional acupuncturist because he truly takes the time to get to know your medical situation and he genuinely cares and wants to help relieve your symptoms! I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my symptoms diminished after just one visit with Ryder! He is highly intuitive and skilled, knowing how to address the root problem. My overall health and energy level has greatly improved over the last six months. I would recommend Ryder to anyone with muscle pain or autoimmune issues. Acupuncture is definitely the way to go! Thank you Ryder!
Wendy M
Best of the Best Chinese Medicine An outstanding team of highly skilled, knowledgeable, experienced, and wonderfully personable acupuncture and herbal medicine practitioners and administrative assistant. The office environment is exquisitely simple and beautiful, with subtle state of the art efficiencies and technology.
Sigrit M
Asthma help Review of Clark Zimmerman LAc. Clark Zimmerman helped me with asthma problems. Taking the chinese herbs he formulates for me has allowed me to not use my daily inhaler for almost two years now. He is a tremendous help to me.
Michael Hannaford
Lives up to expectations I didn't buy into the hype at first. I really didn't expect much from visiting due to my own naivety and stubborn thought process. About a year ago, I underwent a craniotomy to remove a benign brain tumor. The recovery process has been long and strenuous, due to my body undergoing what I figure is atrophy, and a physically stressful job that adds many aches and pains to my normal day. I did not want to be slammed with medication and constant doctor's appointments that left me needing more. My girlfriend was reading up on acupuncture and some of its benefits, and decided to call around to a few offices to check if my insurance covered it. Middleway Medicine was the first office to contact us with good news(even going as far as to check with my insurance company for me), so we immediately booked an appointment for me. Like I said before, I wasn't expecting much; I had never had any past encounters with acupuncture, except for what movies portrayed(usually a guy laying on a bed covered in needles looking miserable). The staff is incredibly friendly and warm-hearted, something I noticed as soon as I walked through the door for my first appointment. Ryan, the acupuncturist I now see regularly, greeted me with a professionalism I have rarely seen just about anywhere. Always friendly, very knowledgeable in his field, and a perfect fit for the acupuncture environment. Cutting a long story short, Middleway Medicine has made me a believer in the power of acupuncture and its health benefits. My pain has been managed effectively since I have started visiting, its never a chore to go due to the relaxing nature and professionally handled office. I am thankful I didn't give in to my naivety and decide not to go. Thank you Middleway Medicine!
Ken G
Gratitude It’s hard to find people at a medical facility who are professional yet personal, efficient yet friendly and knowledgeable yet caring, all at the same time. But that’s what you get when you go to Middleway Medicine and encounter Clark, Ann and Ryan. Part of the healing I experience there comes from just walking in the front door and being greeted by Jen, the office manager, with a big heart-felt smile. It continues all the way through my treatments and lasts long after I’ve left. I believe there is within each of us a deep intelligence that knows what is needed for healing. Healing is what you bring to your illness. It represents your inner resources, whatever they may be, that can be used in breaking through to deeper levels of personal perception. Healing is evoking in oneself the willingness to be at peace, the willingness to be at rest inside, to release your fears. That doesn’t mean necessarily accomplishing it totally. It just means a willingness to do it, and that willingness produces a shift in how you experience your life, and in particular your illness, your pain. That’s what being cured is all about. So if you’re looking for someone to cure you, you’re at the wrong place. But if you’re looking for someone to open the door for you to heal yourself, go to Middleway Medicine. Specifically, I’ve been working with Clark who clearly knows his place in the art of healing. His use of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, with just the right amount of light-hearted joy he has in what he does, has helped me work my way to being free of debilitating osteoarthritis pain in my hip. I’m still working on relief from a ten-year-old tinnitus condition in my right ear, but with Clark’s gentle determination and my continued willingness to do the work, I have no doubt we will prevail in some form or another.
My kiddo My 10 year old has always been a super easy going, fun loving, and a stress free kid till this last October. About a month after school started I began to see a totally different side to my sweet kiddo. We were experiencing something I have never experienced with my other kids. She would cry before school, if I left her home for a sec with her big siblings, and before sport practices/ games. It got so bad that she started throwing up daily before school, and losing weight. I was a total basket case myself to say the least, and found myself looking online and talking to lots of people, only to hear “unfortunately around age 10 kids change, you might want to take her to the doctor and get her some meds to help with her anxiety” That is not what I wanted to hear. I wanted my baby back, and drugs were the very last thing I wanted to try, so after talking with Ann at one of my appointments, my husband and I thought what’s it going to hurt? So we made an appointment with Clark. After the first appointment she was so excited to feel almost completely normal again. I am so happy to say after appointment two we have our sweet, fun loving, stress free kiddo back. I highly recommend Middleway Medicine.
Dianna D
Stop smoking My husband and I struggled to give up the nasty habit of smoking. We had tried everything to quit smoking. My daughter finally suggested I look into acupuncture. I was skeptical, but thought, what do we have to loose. We both hit it off right away with Ryan. He made us feel comfortable and also handled us as individuals. We had great success with Ryan, it has been over a year since we had our last cigarette, we feel great. Not to mention we have saved between us $5,200. We are going to take a nice trip with the money we have put away. Thank You Middleway and Ryan
Tammy L
Let the healing begin I am so thankful to Clark for his patience and the kindness he has shown me in the past 6 months. I came to Clark suffering from trauma and depression symptoms, praying he could help me find a path out. With his guidance, I have been able to open my heart and mind back up to a more calm and positive place. I have come to peace with my situation and experiences. I feel like I am in control now. Clark has also treated by lower back muscle tension with great success. I can't say enough good things about my experience with Middleway. Thank you
Jessica S
Chinese Medicine and pregnancy Middle Way Medicine gave me the support I needed to carry my twins healthily to term. As parents we felt it essential to give our babies the best chance we could at a safe full term home birth, under the care of a qualified Oregon midwife. Regular visits with Anne helped my twins rate of growth, immensely and the acupuncture helped my body to evenly disburse my blood flow to the babies’ placentas. The entire experience was vital to our successful full term home water birth physically and emotionally. Her exceptional care continued as it also aided me through my postpartum healing. I have used Middle Way Medicine through each of my three healthy pregnancies and will continue to use them to aid my health in any way possible. Thank you - Jessica Stapp
Helen S
Testimonial When I first came to Middleway Medicine, I was spent and in pain. I felt that there was something wrong with me and that my failure with physical therapy was all my fault. Clark gave me hope and healing. He is the first practitioner who has ever wanted to get to the root cause of my symptoms and help heal this root cause rather than putting a bandaid on the symptoms. I've realized in a new way that I am an integral part of the healing, not just the recipient. I have a greater respect for my ability and my part in the healing and in the process that is involved plus a greater willingness to do my part. I used to want someone to magically fix me but now I know that I have to be a major layer in the fixing. This process involves phycial, mental, emotional and spiritual healing and the promise that "more will be revealed," if I just let it.
A Healing Haven I came to Middleway having grappled with debilitating adrenal fatigue for two years. I'd seen numerous doctors and tried many healing techniques, but none had succeeded in any lasting way. Worn out and geatly incapacitated by my condition, I decided to try Traditional Chinese Medicine and was referred to Clark by a total stranger in a yoga class. My first meeting with Clark told me I was in the right place. He was solicitous, incredibly kind, concerned, empathetic and clearly very knowledgable. His faith in me and my healing capacity carried me through some difficult days. The work I've done with Clark has made an enormous shift in my well-being. My fatigue has largely remitted and my spirits have soared. I can feel and see my improvement, as can my husband who was not a big believer in TCM before witnessing my transformation. The healing begins the moment you enter the office. Just walking through the door at Middleway makes you feel better: it is serene and gentle and Jen, the receptionist, is a gem. One has the feeling that everything is a bit better just for being there. There are areas of physical disease that are simple not addressed by Western Medicine, so I am infintely grateful for Chinese medicine, and for Clark and Middleway in particular, for helping me to regain emotional and physical balance. Clark is a true healer and an amazing practitioner. As a friend whom I referred to Clark for his long-standing pain remarked, "He is one of the clear bright lights out there." Amen.
Shenandoah C
Total Healing Experience After years of my boyfriend visiting Clark at Middleway, I finally decided to give it a try. I had been reluctant for a couple of different reasons...I don't care for doctors and I definitely don't care for needles. When I went in for my first visit with Clark I realized that this was nothing like a traditional doctor visit, but literally more like a counseling session with a kindred spirit. I was very emotional when I began talking about my chronic back pain and digestional issues. Clark dedicated a whole hour to me before he even began my treatment session. He listened wholeheartedly as I cried to him, a perfect stranger! Oddly, I have never opened up this much to even the closest people around me. He explained everything he was doing as he did my treatment. He made me feel incredibly comfortable. I am now going on 4 months of being pain free and my other issues are much easier to control now that I have the knowledge of how to handle them. Needless to say, visiting Clark at Middleway has been one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I would highly recommend acupuncture to anyone living in pain or dealing with other chronic health issues. This has changed my life for the better. Clark, thank you for helping me to start out 2017 feeling great!
Beats expectations I came into Middleway Medicine knowing very little about eastern medicine and acupuncture, but hopeful that it could help address my history of infertility. I’m conjunction with seeing a fertility specialist at Medford Women’s Clinic, I began making regular visits to Ann for acupuncture treatments. When I first saw Ann I was going on 2 1/2 years of being off birth control and no luck with getting pregnant, most likely due to many missed cycles. I was a bit down and defeated and was pretty much ready to try anything, but was still hoping there was a path to pregnancy for me that was a more “natural’” route (ie. not IUI or IVF). Ann was such a good listener in taking in all my medical history to build a plan that was customized to my goals and addressing my particular roadblocks. After 6 months of fairly steady bi-weekly appointments, tinctures and a bit of needed weight gain my cycles were starting to return and I successfully conceived for the first time. I’m so grateful for Ann and this office and know that their middleway approach was the perfect blend of eastern and western thought for me. 5 star service without a doubt!
Avri L
Acupuncture helped me conceive a baby! I ended up going to Middleway Medicine because I felt like modern medicine had let me down. In 2007, my husband and I began trying to start a family. We tried for a year with no luck, so I went to a fertility specialist. I did all the tests and ultrasounds, I even had surgery for my endometriosis. I ended up having four miscarriages over the next four years, and I knew I needed to seek an alternative. The first time at Middleway, I was nervous but curious as to what acupuncture was going to be like. Ann initially found that my body's constitution was way off. I was hot and sweating all the time. With herbs and acupuncture I was pregnant in 6 months! Ann helped me throughout my entire pregnancy and we had a healthy baby girl. I didn't stop there, I continued to get acupuncture postpartum and ended up pregnant again, 10 months later. To this day I still visit the clinic for small ailments or for tincture herbs for my children. I am forever grateful to everyone at Middleway Medicine and would choose them over going to a regular doctor any day!!
Mary G
Testimonial am a medical provider and a patient at Middleway Medicine. I have been seen there from everything from a common cold to more complex health concerns and have always found relief from my symptoms. Their knowledge base and care are way above the bar and I love learning about health options from a Chinese medical perspective. Everyone I have ever referred to them has been pleased with the care they have received. we are so lucky to have them here in the valley!
Kathy M
Highly recommended healing work I came to Clark at Middleway Medicine in April of 2017 with three herniated discs, lots of pain, and little mobility. My treatment plan included seven weekly acupuncture sessions, along with a course of Chinese herbs. Here I am in June, with virtually no pain, and tremendously increased mobility. I have resumed almost all of my normal activities, including hiking and dancing. A surprise added benefit has been the reduction of my blood pressure over ten points to normal numbers. This is a condition that I have been struggling with for years, and with my doctor's cooperation I have been able to reduce my prescription medication by 30%. I could not recommend Clark's acupuncture and herbal skills more highly, but truly the best part of his treatment is his nurturing and healing presence. Thank you, thank you. Kathy Marsak, Ashland, OR
Cassondra W*
On the Road to Wellness About three and a half years ago I started having all kinds of aches and pains throughout my body, as well as fatigue and strange things happening. I am 31 now. I saw my gp and he ran me thru all the tests known to man and at the very end he gave me the results of having multiple auto-immune diseases and sent me on way to the rheumatologist. The specialist diagnosed me with Rhuematiod arthritis, Reynauds syndrome, as well as Sjorgrens syndrome. Eventually the doc's also told me I have Mixed Connective tissue disease( a Lupus like disease) to top it all off. Wow, was I devastated! They put me on a commonly used low dose chemo drug. It helped for a bit, but I eventually ended up in the hospital with a serious infection and chose to get off all the meds they were prescribing me. Back to square one with symptoms increasing. Swelling of all joints in my body from head to toe. Getting sick with all the viruses floating around and taking forever to recover from each one. Getting more discouraged every time I saw the rhuematologist. He was throwing every drug in the book at me and telling me that if I don't take these medications I will end up in a wheelchair and permanently crippled. He was starting to get to me, and I was feeling hopeless and scared. Then there was a light at the end of the tunnel so they say. My new gp suggested I try acupuncture for pain relief and sent my referral out to Middleway Medicine. I had no idea what to expect but at this point, anything without serious side effects sounded fantastic to me. I made my appointment with Jen, who upon first impressions on the phone was kind and seemed very warm hearted. I was setup to work with Ryan. I explained to Ryan everything I had been going thru the last 3 years and he truly listened to me and gave me the feeling he had every intention of helping me get thru this extremely tough time and gave me hope that my diseases would not ruin my entire life. This is everything to an extremely positive person who had lost all hope. The treatments I have been receiving from Ryan and Clark had have helped me in so many ways it's actually hard to put in to words, brings me to tears really. Chinese medicine is truly helping me heal the body mind and soul. I have less pain and swelling in my joints. I have not had a common infection since I started my treatments and have been exposed to many. I am learning alternative ways to change my lifestyle to get my system back in order so my immune system will start working with me, instead of against me. I feel more stable emotionally (which I had no idea would happen) and my overall well being has improved leaps and bounds! Everyone at Middleway Medicine is truly special. They have given me back something I felt I had lost, hope. Now, I truly feel that I am on the road to wellness and feel utterly blessed to have found this clinic with such an amazing staff. I don't know what I would do without them.
Diane S
Effective healing More than 2 years after an auto accident damaged the ligaments in my sacrum, I was still using pain medication frequently, especially to sleep. My PT referred me to Clark Zimmerman at Middleway Medicine. I had tried acupuncture before without benefit, so I was skeptical. But, with Clark’s treatments, in combination with mindfulness training, I have now been off pain medication for a year. I receive both immediate relief and extended, healing effects from weekly treatments. I’d like to note that walking into Middleway is like entering a healing sanctuary. Jennifer, at the desk, is as kind as she is efficient and helpful. The waiting room and treatment rooms are quiet and soothing. Clark is kind, compassionate and encouraging, always attentive to the impact of each treatment so that he can fine tune his treatment plan.
Stroke at 35 Last July I had a hemorrhagic stroke. I was thirty five years old, and I had a stroke! At first I experienced extreme fatigue. I slept 11 hours a night and napped for hours during the day. Then I loss function in my left side. I went to the ER and I remember being led to get a MRI of my brain and for the first time feeling that this thing happening could be serious, maybe a tumor. I could barely hold the pen and make the most faint scribble to sign myself into the hospital. I was hospitalized just long enough to be told that what happened with my brain was a fluke. I did a few sessions of outpatient care: ot, pt, and speech therapy. And I was sent on my way, left on my own to navigate my physical and emotional healing. I had partial face paralysis, it took great effort for me to do anything with my left hand, even scratching my nose required tremendous concentration, and I had brain fatigue. In the first weeks after the incident, I couldn't even finish a meal without having to stop and rest. By far this was the most devastating symptom. And then I went to an appointment with Dr. Clark Zimmerman. He held space for my deep sorrow and fear in a way that surpassed my expectations. He was able to offer me an explanation for why this happened to me that reassured me that my brain wouldn't fail me again. In a few short treatments, along with a Chinese herb tea prescription, my brain fatigue was gone. My body function returned to just shy of normal. And I have my life back! I am deeply grateful for this healing. It changed my experience from that of terror to one of strength and deep acceptance and gratitude.